Biological Manifestations

Biological magnification or bio magnification is the growing build-up of toxic essentials within individuals that occurs at each stage of the food chain. When a lion eats a crocodile, the toxins are injected into the crocodile, which include the toxins from all the animals that the crocodile has ever eaten, which include the poisons from all the plants that those animals have ever eaten. At each stage of the food chain, the toxic build up increases. The build-up of toxic elements within a single organism is called biological accumulationBiological magnification, then, is when the biological growth in each animal is compounded Due to bio magnification; the amount of toxic substances is greater in the bodies of that consume other organisms. Biological magnification happens because some toxic ingredients don’t get broken down or filtered out of the body. This means that every creature that eats another gets loaded up with a lot of collected bad stuff.

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